By marrying Pilates, massage, and personal training we offer you a more complete, synergistic, healthful life style.

Core Synergy’s main focus is to help and encourage you in strengthening your core muscles in all exercise formats because it is the basis, foundation and energy source for maintaining healthy posture and creating a fit and knowledgeable client with the skills to perform daily activity with ease, control, and grace.

Core Synergy Massage and Fitness is owned and operated by Barbara Dieringer. Barbara brings 45+ accumulative years in the fitness/health care business incorporating Pilates, personal training, massage and post rehab exercise, offering you a personalized workout complete with strengthening, toning, core exercise, stretching and (re) education.

Barbara completed an extensive massage program at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1992; she has been a licensed massage therapist (LMT) for 18 years, has been in the fitness business for 24+ years, a Chiropractic assistant for 4 years, and Physical Therapy Aide for 7 years. Her clientele embraces people of all ages, from working with children in early child development to 80 year olds, and those just beginning an exercise program for the first time.

Barbara's concept of "helping people realize their own personal strengths" through core strengthening, exercise and massage is multi-layered in how it affects each and every one of us on a personal level, developing your inner strength as you develop your outer strength.

Passion, fun, many years of diverse experience and the love in helping others, is the leading drive at Core Synergy Massage and Fitness!