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We offer the following types of in-home therapies:

Personal Training
Your goals and fitness level will be our starting guide in creating a well rounded personalized program for you... Learn more

Core Strengthening
With emphasis on core exercises, you are guided in creating a foundation for all exercise formats... Learn more

Choose from the reformer or mat methods or incorporate both to achieve your goals... Learn more

Core Synergy Massage and Fitness can come to you!

Core strengthening exercise is the foundation and energy source for all exercise formats. By utilizing your core muscles during virtually all exercise routines, you will be targeting your back, abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, which are vital in your everyday living activities.

Very little equipment is needed when coming to your home, and what few things we need is mostly provided by the trainer.

By appointment only. Rates are slightly higher.

"During my recovery from a back fusion in 2001 I met Barbara Dieringer as one of the assistants at Northwest Spine Management. She offered massage and Pilates along with work on specialized equipment MedX. Working in that setting she has gained insight into caring for injuries and post operative patients at many levels and understands their special needs. After the Physical Therapy business ended she started her own business, Core Synergy Massage and Fitness, and continues to offer massage and physical training with or without the Pilates machine. In addition to working with me in the postoperative recovery of my spinal fusion, she has also been involved with issues concerning my neck and mid-spine (post trauma), and an ACL injury of a knee. I appreciate her ability to listen and modify the program depending on my needs and the response of prior sessions. She has given many different exercises to do at home in addition to activities at her studio. Maintaining as much physical fitness and core strength, but being cognizant of the limitations, has allowed both recovery and progress in my ability to be active and reduce level of discomfort. I appreciate her unique experiences and abilities."

- Rebecca Kubitz
Longview, WA.