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Choose a specific type of massage or have a customized massage, incorporating a variety of modalities. Learn more...

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Choose from the reformer or mat methods or incorporate both to achieve your goals. Learn more...

Your goals and fitness level will be our starting guide in creating a well rounded personalized program for you. Learn more...

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SYNERGY: Combined effort being greater than parts; the working together of two or more people, organizations, or things, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities.

This is your massage and exercise program!

  Have you been non-functional due to chronic pain, poor posture, muscle loss and fatigue?
Whether for pain or simply relaxation - you have choices! Information and communication is key for both the therapist and yourself in your desired effects of your massage.

  Improve your health and be proactive!

  Do you want to get back to doing the activities you love to do?
Years of experience in working with people who have chronic pain, fatigue, postural deviations and sports or stress related injury gives us the edge at Core Synergy Massage and Fitness in really making a difference in returning you to do the things you love to do.

  Does the fear of re-injury due to not knowing what kind of physical activity will be a healthy choice keep you from moving forward?
Through your health history, verbal communication, postural observance and tactile assessments together we can create an exercise program and /or massage treatment that is personalized and affective and allows you to lead an active lifestyle.

Here at Core Synergy Massage and Fitness, we believe and encourage core strengthening because it is the foundation and energy source for all exercise formats and vital in our daily living activity.

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